Lower Sioux

Lower Sioux Social Services
39527 Res. Hwy 1
P.O. Box 308
Morton, MN 56270

General Reservation Information

Became a Federally Recognized Tribe: 1851
Enrolled Members: 825
Approximate Size: 1,700 acres
Approximate Population: 740
Within Counties of: Redwood and Renville

For more specific information, contact the Lower Sioux Indian Community Tribal Government Office at 507-697-6185.

Organizational Structure:

The Lower Sioux Child Care Program is a department within the Lower Sioux Social Service Department under the Lower Sioux Indian Community Tribal Government.

graph TD; A[Lower Sioux Social Services] --> B[Indian Child Welfare]; A --> C[Child Care Program];

The mission of the Lower Sioux Indian Community Tribal Child Care Program is to provide culturally based quality child care, educational programs and referral sources to Native American children, their families and their caregivers.