Grand Portage

Grand Portage Day Care Center
P.O. Box 428
Grand Portage, MN 55605
Fax: 218-475-0020

Staff Members

Sylvia Manthey, Child Care Director. Phone: 218-475-2564. Email:
Wendy Sherborne, Toddler Caregiver
Bethany Sewald, Toddler Caregiver
Vacant, Infant Caregiver
Vacant, Infant Caregiver
Bernice LeGarde, Preschool Caregiver
Vacant, Preschool Caregiver
Taryn Logan, After School Program
Vacant, After School Program
Vacant, Cook - Nutritionist

General Reservation Information

Became a Federally Recognized Tribe: 1964
Enrolled Members: 1,108
Approximate Size: 48,234 acres
Approximate Population: 500
Within Counties of: Cook

For more information contact:
Grand Portage Reservation Tribal Council at (218) 475-2277.

Organizational Structure

The Day Care Center is a department within the Grand Portage Program
Administration Division under the Grand Portage Tribal Government.

graph TD; A[Program Administration] --> B[Head Start]; A --> C[Day Care Center]; A --> D[Other Community Services];

Day Care Center

Mission: We will provide an early childhood program to be developmentally appropriate for children ages three months to nine years old. We will build positive and healthy self-concepts, provide opportunities to enhance social skills, promote language development and develop decision making skills. We will encourage and demonstrate healthy, safe and nutritional habits. We will provide opportunities for physical development. We will teach and demonstrate respect for our culture.