Special Needs

Disabilities/Special Education

LLHS and EHS programs are committed to including children with disabilities, and working with their families. Enrolled children with disabilities are fully integrated in to the school environment.


Through developmental screening, parent and teacher report, concerns/delays are identified. With parent permission, referral to the child’s home district is made for further evaluation.


With parent permission, a comprehensive evaluation is completed. With qualifying scores and a diagnosed disability, an “Individual Education Plan (IEP)” for children 3 years and older, or an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP),” for children ages 0 through age 2, is written. The IEP or IFSP includes educational goals for the child, with input from the parent and teacher. Children are provided services from the special education program at the school district. Common diagnosis of children served in our program are developmental delay, speech/language disorder, and autism spectrum disorder, with supports provided from occupational and physical therapists.

Special Education Service

Our program collaborates with school districts special education program to ensure children with disabilities receive appropriate services within the classroom, or in other appropriate environments. Teachers and parents are supported to ensure understanding the disability and to how to implement activities to best support the child. A memorandum of understanding is in place with the 5 larger districts in our service are, to ensure the needs of our children and families are met. Parents and teachers are supported in assisting the child in developing his skills, in his least restrictive environment.