Family & Community Partnership


Pathway I

An Early Learning Scholarship-Pathway I can help your child attend high-quality childcare and early education to help your child get ready for kindergarten. The scholarship money will be paid directly to the program of your choice that is participating in Parent Aware. Leech Lake Head Start/Early Head Start is a 4 Star Parent Aware Rated Program. Parent Aware is a rating tool to help parents select high-quality early childhood programs. You may use an Early Learning Scholarship-Pathway I at any Parent Aware-participating early childhood program in Minnesota that you child attends on a regular basis.
For more information, visit the Parent Aware Website (

Pathway II

An Early Learning Scholarship-Pathway II can help your child attend high-quality child care and early education to help your child get ready for kindergarten. A program is eligible to receive Pathway II funds if they are Parent Aware Four-Star Rated. Leech Lake Head Start/Early Head Start is a Parent Aware Four-Star Rated Program. Parent Aware is rating tool to help parents select high-quality early childhood programs. This scholarship must be used at the awarding Pathway II program. The funding stays with the program to support other children if your child leaves.
For more information, visit the Parent Aware website (

Wrap Around

The Wrap Around Program is designed to provide continuity of care for children while parents/legal guardians are working or going to school.

Services are provided for children enrolled in the Leech Lake Early Head Start program & Head Start Program for the school year. During the summer we have an expanded program for children 3 – 5 years old if we have openings. All families will be required to complete the application process and submit all required documentation. We operate according to the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe normal business hours and follow the Head Start and Early Head Start Policies and Procedures.



Head Start/Early Head Start requiring Family Partnership Agreements with Families, which include family well-being, family safety, health and economic stability, to support child learning and development. Family Partnerships are a collaboration between Head Start/Early Head Start and the families. This is put into place to help support families, identify interests, needs, resources, and set family goals. This agreement should continue for as long as the family participates in the program and is based on parent interest and need.

Policy Council

Policy Council is responsible for the direction of the Head Start Program at the agency level. Policy Council members are made up of parents of currently enrolled children. They are the bridge between parent committees and the policy council. Staff as parents may serve on Policy Council unless they have a decision making role in the program.

Policy Council must use ongoing monitoring results for data on school readiness goals. They review and approve items such as the budget, selection criteria and grant applications.

To learn more contact the Family & Community Partnership Manager: 218-335-8345.

Per Diem Form

Parent Engagement

Family engagement is integrating strategies into all content areas and services to support families and promote children’s learning and development. Parents are recognized as their child’s primary teachers and nurturers while supporting parent-child relationships.

Parents are given opportunities to participate in a research based parenting curriculum that builds on the parents’ knowledge and offers parents the opportunity to practice parenting skills promoting children’s learning and development.

Parent Committee

The parent committees are comprised of parents of currently enrolled children. These committees are established at the center or classroom level. Participating in the parent committee’s parents have the opportunity to help staff develop and implement activities and services ensuring they meet the needs of the children and families. By participating in the parent committee you have the opportunity to be nominated and elected to the Policy Council.

To learn more contact the Family & Community Partnership Manager: 218-335-8345.

Parent Committees are broken down as follows:

Abinoojii Oshkii Bimadiziiwin:

Early Head Start

Aabinoojiinh Akii (HS & EHS)
Ball Club/Inger (HS & EHS)
Ma’aingan (Bemidji)
Bena (HS & EHS)
Sugar Point/Remer
Tribal College

Fund Raising Policy
Parent Committee Forms

Expectant Families

It is a program for Expecting Mothers. Many services are offered to mothers that are pregnant. The following services are either directly or through collaborative efforts with community and tribal agencies.

  • Oral health education
  • Nutrition information
  • Regularly scheduled visits
  • Prenatal visits
  • Birth Planning
  • Parent Education
  • Postnatal visits
  • Car seat education
  • Community Resources
  • Sleep Safe education
  • Breast feeding education/support
  • Support to both mothers & fathers
  • Doula Services

This program is for all mothers, and we ask that you be 26 weeks pregnant or less to join. It is not an income based program so anyone can join, and you DO NOT have to be enrolled in a tribe to join. There are incentives given for completing different aspects/visits of the program.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Documentation for Enrollment:

  1. Proof of Income (check stub, W2, Taxes, Foster Care reimbursement, Public Assistance)
  2. Well Child Exam
  3. Dental Exam (children over 1yr.)
  4. Immunization Records if available
  5. Birth Certificate if available
  6. Tribal Enrollment Number (child or parent) if applicable
  7. IEP/IFSP if applicable
  8. Foster Care Children (placement documentation)

Enrollment Forms

Early Learning Scholarship Applications

Child Enrollment Online Application for HS & EHS

Selection Criteria