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Rez Care Over the Rainbow
Sarah Jones
6201 163rd St NW Cass Lake, MN 56633

Adrienne Cloud
14141 White Stone Loop • Cass Lake, MN 56633

Auntie Becca's Child Care
Rebecca "Becca" Tibbetts & Robert "Rob" Gonzales
15035 Old Housing Rd NE • Bena, MN 56626
(218) 556-1118

We want to give a huge thanks to all of the childcare providers within our community. We appreciate all that you do for our children & families. 


June 2021


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Tips on keeping your child/family files organized:

  1. Keep all your files in one location. This will make it easier to find your files and helps you ensure you have all your files.
  2. Use a checklist to help make sure all your needed information is in your child/family files.
  3. Update your files at least yearly. This will ensure all information is complete.
    Note - according to Leech Lake Licensing requirements, immunizations should be updated at the following intervals: Infants - every 6 months, Toddlers - yearly, Preschoolers - every 18 months, School age - every 3 years.
  4. Hold a yearly or a twice a year orientation to remind your parents of your policies and renew paperwork.
  5. Review your family registration forms to ensure that all licensing requirements for child files are being met.

Child Care Services helps license tribal providers within the Leech Lake Reservation. Child Care Providers make a difference in the life of a child. Children are our future, what we do and say to them today influences who they become in the future. By licensing child cares, it helps protect children by requiring providers to meet requirements for the care of children as well as the physical environment of the care. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Licensed Provider through the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe.

How to Apply to Become a Licensed Provider
Contact Cora Roy, License and Support Coordinator at or (218) 335-8338.

Benefits to Licensing

Leech Lake Early Child Development offers health and safety trainings, which are available to Licensed Providers.

Compliance & Monitoring
Monitoring visits are conducted by the Leech Lake License and Support Coordinator to ensure compliance with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Licensing Standards.

Complaints & Reporting
If you have a concern or a complaint about a program contact call the licensing agency for the provider. If the provider is a Leech Lake Licensed provider contact the Leech Lake Licensing and Support Coordinator at 218-335-8338.

What are Legally Non-Licensed Providers?

Legally Non-Licensed Providers through the Leech Lake Child Care services are people who provide child care to only "related" children and/or to children from one family that is unrelated to them. "Related" means any of the following relationships by marriage, blood, or adoption: grandparent, brother, sister, stepparent, stepsister, stepbrother, uncle, aunt, niece, and nephew. Related also includes a legally appointed guardian.

To Apply to be a Legally Non-Licensed Provider - Contact: Cora Roy, License and Support Coordinator at or (218) 335-8338.

Grant - Registered Legally Non-Licensed providers can apply for the Legally Non-Licensed Grant. All approved applications will be notified by an award letter and will receive a $500 gift certificate to Discount School Supplies. To apply for the grant contact Cora Roy, License and Support Coordinator at or (218) 335-8338.

Subsidy - Registered Legally Non-Licensed Providers are eligible to received subsidy payments.

Technical Assistance - Legally Non-Licensed providers can receive technical assistance from Child Care services.

Health and Safety Items - A limited number of Health and Safety items are available for Legally Non-Licensed Providers. These items are safety gates, no-touch thermometers, carbon monoxide alarms, outlet covers, and latches for cupboards.

Training - Leech Lake Early Child Development offers health and safety training, which is available to Legally Non-Licensed providers.

Grants are available to all Licensed providers within the services area of the Leech Lake Child Care Services, 10 mile past the boundaries of the Leech Lake Reservation.

To apply contact Cora Roy, License and Support Coordinator at or (218) 335-8338.

Start-up Grant: Newly licensed providers are eligible to apply for this grant.

Building Quality Grant: Providers are eligible to apply twice for each calendar year.

  1. One time: January-June
  2. One time: July-December

Must participate in FCC/EHS or Parent Aware

Emergency Grant

Open Quarterly Grant: Infant/Toddler grant- Closed: 12/18/20

Email questions to Cora Roy: